Introducing the Hummingbird TTS Ear Tube Delivery System

Ear tube placement alternative to general anesthesia.

Hummingbird TTS Video

“It was actually comforting just knowing that he was awake and doing okay.”

Nigon Family

Medina, MN

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Up all night? Here's something to hum about.

Hummingbird TTS Video

“It was important to me that I was actually able to make a choice for my son on the type of surgery that I was most comfortable with him having. To be under general anesthesia for such a quick surgery – is that necessary?”


Gina is a mom and speech pathologist who lives in Houston Texas with her family.

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Tell your pediatrician about the Hummingbird TTS!


"My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made for our son. The procedure with Hummingbird TTS was the best choice we have made for his ears. Plus talking about it with him using the Happy Ears book was incredible."


Minneapolis, MN

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